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Cavendish Learning Trust

Learning Trust

The Trust Offer


  • Schools will maintain their own identity 
  • Collaboration is the key to maintaining a successful partnership
  • All schools will have the opportunity to determine the direction of the trust
  • There is a balance between autonomy and standardisation within the trust for each school
  • All schools must be willing to support each other as and when this is required

Benefits to the Children

  • High quality teaching and learning
  • A broad and balanced curriculum that develops the whole child
  • A wide range of experiences both inside and outside of the classroom shared with other schools
  • Support the needs of every child through effective collaboration
  • Improve the resources available for them to use
  • Improved learning environments for children
  • All schools within the Trust have access to the professional expertise and development opportunities offered by our National Leaders of Education and Specialist Leaders of Education. We have a partnership with a local Teaching School which gives further opportunity for support and development.

Benefits to the Staff

  • Work as part of a larger team
  • Share expertise and knowledge
  • Staff feel empowered to support the development of the trust
  • Opportunity for staff to develop their careers within the trust
  • High quality professional development opportunities for staff at all levels within the organisation
  • Well-being training and development for staff

Professional Development

The trust has been able to provide:

  • ICT with Mr P and use of iPads
  • Learning without lessons – Continuous Provision at KS1 and KS2
  • Attachment disorders
  • Developing the Mastery Curriculum
  • Target setting based on prior attainment
  • Support children with emotional difficulties
  • Moderation of assessment
  • Governors’ leadership conference

Conversion Support

  • We can guide schools through the conversion process when they join the Trust, through the CEO, CFO and their team.
  • We can advise on the financial implications of joining the Trust.
  • Communications and marketing support.

Financial Management

  • All schools in the Trust use the same finance package and this will be implemented as part of the conversion process. Finance staff who were based at the new school will have a strong and close link to the central finance team post conversion. The finance function of Cavendish Learning Trust provides the new school with the support necessary to help the whole finance team work together as a group.
  • Support on budget setting, management reporting, financial reporting and project management is provided to the school.
  • The Trust is responsible for filing the annual accounts as required by the Funding Agreement.

Economies of Scale

  • The Trust leads with the procurement of major contracts in order to reduce costs to schools and gain economies of scale.
  • As the Trust grows there will be the opportunity for further economies of scale to be enjoyed.

Career Development

  • Being a member of a group of schools provides greater opportunity for career development to those interested in furthering their career as a good tool for retention and recruitment.

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