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Cavendish Learning Trust

Learning Trust

Vision and Values

" Communities Learning Together "   

A family of schools focused on meeting the needs of our local communities, by providing innovative and engaging education to maximise all children and young people's life choices.

Teaching and Learning 

To provide a range of innovative, engaging and challenging learning experiences for children and young adults, in order to nurture talent and promote the development of the whole person by:

  • Maintaining high expectations in the classroom
  • Displaying an enthusiasm and passion for what we teach
  • Providing achievable but challenging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, ensuring that children and young adults make progress and achieve excellence
  • Delivering a knowledge rich curriculum that encourages high aspirations, broadens horizons and develops leaders for life
  • Exhibiting mutual respect, patience and responsibility in all aspects of teaching and learning

Professional Development 

To provide professional development opportunities for all staff at every stage of their career, and in doing so nurture potential and motivation.  To all ensure all staff feel valued as employees by:

  • Recruiting the best staff and ensuring a clear career pathway in order to develop and retain them
  • Identifying the potential of our staff, the capacity they can offer the Trust and developing them as leaders for the future
  • Giving the opportunity for staff to develop their talent through appropriate professional learning opportunities and enabling them to become experts in their chosen field
  • Ensuring professional learning will equip the staff to meet the needs of children and young adults
  • Keeping pace with new ideas and practices of others working in education in order to future proof the Trust and the profession

Children, Young Adult and Staff Wellbeing

To ensure that every child, young adult and member of staff in the organisation develops knowledge and skills to be independent and resilient individuals.  To promote a learning and working environment that is safe and supports children, young adults and staff well-being by:

  • Having clear and effective safeguarding policies
  • Providing a pastoral structure that supports individual needs
  • Promoting positive mental health and signposting support for individuals
  • Ensuring our schools are safe, well maintained and managed effectively
  • Ensuring the well-being of children, young adults and members of staff are at the forefront of our decision making processes

Ethical Leadership

Embed the seven ‘Principles of Public Life’ of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership throughout the Trust by:

  • Effectively communicating with our parents and wider school communities
  • Ensuring all decisions that are made are aligned with our vision and values
  • Leading in an impartial way without discrimination and bias
  • Being relentless in our pursuit of excellence
  • Ensuring the Trust is inclusive


To develop a culture within our family of schools which is founded on collaboration, mutual support and helping each other to continually improve for the benefit of our communities and all children, young adults and members of staff within them by:

  • Ensuring positive relationships and engagement with the benefactors of the Trust to provide greater opportunity for our school communities
  • Sharing best practice across our family of schools
  • Building positive relationships within our parents and wider school communities
  • Committing to support all schools within the Trust and remove barriers to success, emphasising the schools are the Trust and the Trust are the schools
  • Supporting Trust-wide events and activities that bring together our family of schools




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