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Cavendish Learning Trust

Learning Trust


Attendance Figures for Members and Trust Board 2018/2019


Name Appointments/Resignations  Meetings Attended
Nigel Hiller (Chair)   Resigned Apr 20     Attended 2/3
Phil Brown     Attended 2/3
Pete Bamford     Attended 3/3
Sue Dight     Attended 2/3
Jennifer Stocks Resigned Nov 19   Attended 1/2


Name  Appointments/Resignations   Meetings Attended
Dave Williams (CEO)      Attended 6/6
Barbara Walsh (Chair)      Attended 6/6
Anju Virdee (Vice Chair)      Attended 5/6
Steve Poole Resigned May 19    Attended 4/4
Phil Brown      Attended 5/6
Danielle Harris Resigned Jun 19    Attended 0/5
Nigel Sternberg      Attended 4/6
Fiona Parsons Resigned Feb 20    Attended 6/6
Phil Taylor Appointed Oct 19 New  
Dawn Walton Appointed Dec 19 New  
Karen Robinson Appointed Feb 20 New  
Lauren Buxton Resigned June 19    Attended 1/3

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