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Cavendish Learning Trust

Learning Trust

The Trust's Structure

  • The Trust is strategically led by a Board of Trustees – chosen for their skills set
  • Our Board has eight Directors/Trustees
  • The main Board of Trustees meets each half term. In addition, the Finance Committee meets three times per year.
  • Each school maintains its Local Governing Body (LGB) and that must consist of at least two parent representatives. Some schools share a governing body.
  • The scope of the authority of the Board and the LGBs is set out in two documents :
    • Terms of Reference
    • Schemes of Delegation
  • Trustees are appointed by (and may be removed by) our six Members who oversee the achievement of the Trust’s objectives.


Operating Structure

Executive Leadership Team (ELT):

Chief Executive Officer Dave Williams
Chief Operating Officer David Plummer


  • Strategic direction of the trust
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Progress against the trust development plan

Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

Chief Executive Officer

Headteacher Netherthorpe

Dave Williams 
Chief Operating Officer David Plummer

Barrow Hill


Benjamin Wray



Mark Parkinson
Gilbert Heathcote Headteacher Joanne Mappin



Joanne Mappin
Whitecotes Headteacher Debra Ward


  • Educational strategy
  • Sharing of good practice
  • Planning professional development activities

SLT meetings will take place once every half term. Members of the Operational Leadership Team (OLT), will attend as necessary.

Operational Leadership Team (OLT):

Chief Operating Officer

Management Accountant    

David Plummer

Laura Needham

Human Resources Neil Hemmingway
Facilities Duncan Carlile and Mick Stevens
Administration and Compliance Lynn McGee
ICT Richard Sleight


  • Deployment of central services
  • Monitoring of policies and practice

Get in touch


Staveley Hall, Staveley Hall Drive, Staveley, Derbyshire S43 3TN


+01 246 479013