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Cavendish Learning Trust

Learning Trust


Cavendish Learning Trust has two layers of governance:

1. Members - Personal Liabilities and Responsibilities

The Members of the Trust, are akin to shareholders, and are the subscribers to it's memorandum of association. The liability of the members of the Academy Trust is limited, as with any company limited by guarantee, by the amount of the guarantee undertaken by the Member (this is set at £10 in the model Articles of Association).

The functions of the members of the Academy Trust include:

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company
  • Taking part in Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Appointing some of the governors
  • Signing off the company’s financial accounts and annual report
  • Power to amend the Articles of the company and, ultimately, to remove the governors/directors

Overall, Members usually have much more limited involvement in the management of the company than the Trustees.

Meetings -The members meet three times a year,in September. January and June.

2. Trustees

The Trustees/Directors are responsible for ensuring that the charitable company achieves it's aims and objectives, as well as compliance with charity and company law and the academy's funding agreement.

Cavendish Learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) which is a single entity with it's board of trustees being accountable for a number of academies within the Trust.

Meetings - The Trustees normally meet six times a year. 2 times each full school term.See the Trust Board page for additional details.

List of Members
Ian Else (Chair)
Philip Brown

Peter Bamford

Tony Stacey
Barbara Walsh

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