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Cavendish Learning Trust

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Academy improvement boards

Netherthorpe AIB

Mr Dave Williams Head Teacher Ex-Officio
Mr Ian Else (Chair) Appointed 2006
Mrs Lisa Collins (Vice Chair) Appointed 2017
Mr Nigel Sternberg Appointed 2018
Mrs Anna Green (Staff) Appointed 2016
Mrs D Hulbert Appointed 2017
Mr Gregory Mason (Staff) Appointed 2016
Mr Philip Pierce (Co-opted) Appointed 2016
Mr V Sanderson (Co-opted) Appointed 2017
Mrs R Swann (Parent) Appointed 2017
Mr D M Smith (Co-opted) Appointed 2016
Rev S Jones Appointed 2013
Mrs Valerie Whitham Clerk to Governing Body

Whitecotes AIB

Mrs Lucy Campbell Ex-Officio
Miss Vanessa Hall EX-Officio
Mrs Rachel Bostock (Chair) Appointed Sept 2019
Mr Stephen Vardy (Parent) Appointed Jan 2017
Ms Kelly Yearl (Parent) Appointed March 2017
Ms Angela Dolphin Appointed Jan 2018
Ms Edwina Archer Clerk to Governing Body

Dunston AIB

Mr Mark Parkinson Head Teacher Ex-officio
Ms Tina Shewring (Chair) Appointed Feb 2018 
Kerry Carranza (Parent) Appointed Jan 2018
Claire Kirwan (Parent) Appointed Nov 2016
Fiona Parsons (Parent) Appointed Feb 2018
Ms Frances Green Appointed Jan 2019
Ms Edwina Archer Clerk to Governing Body

Gilbert Heathcote/Barrow HILL Joint AIB

Mrs Joanne Mappin Ex HT Ex-officio
Mrs Louise Parker HT Ex-officio
Mrs Rebecca Vodden-Page  HT Ex-officio
Mr Andrew Crowther (Chair) Appointed Oct 2019
Ms Lauren Kay HT Ex-officio
Mrs Glenda Ward Appointed Oct 2019
Mrs Lorraine Gosnell Appointed Oct 2019
Mrs Sally Potter Appointed Oct 2019
Ms Gemma Thorp Appointed Apr 2019

Poolsbrook IEB (Interim Executive Board set up April 19)

Ms Barbara Walsh (Chair) Appointed Apr 2019
Joanne Mappin (Exec HT) Appointed Apr 2019
Helen McVicar (Dep HT Neth) Appointed Apr 2019
Louise Parker (HT Poolsbrook) Appointed Apr 2019
Mark Parkinson (HT Dunston) Appointed Apr 2019

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